Engineered Materials

engineered materials

Manufacturer of composite thermoset materials

Safran Cabin manufactures aerospace grade composite materials. Products include:

  • Aramid honeycomb cores
  • Interior grade sandwich panels and laminates
  • Floor panels
  • Honeycomb core details: details for interior, details for structural components
  • Thermoset fiberglass and carbon prepregs
  • Adhesives and formulated resins

Capabilities & Equipment

  • Honeycomb core block production
  • Two C4 Honeycomb core production Lines (continuous coating / curing process by sheet)
  • Honeycomb Core Detailing: 3 and 5 axis CNC machining ; Heat forming, potting, splicing, edge fill, stabilization
  • Press cure capability with 9 presses up to 720 Tons and 72" x 144"
  • Horizontal prepreg line for woven materials (carbon, fiberglass)
  • Drum winders for uni-directional thermoset prepregs
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