Expertise in Large, Complex Composite Structures

As an established supplier of engine nacelle cascades and fuselage structural composites, our Advanced Composites division provides mission-critical composite structures in a wide array of geometries for both commercial and military platforms.  Processes include Autoclave, Oven and Press cure of Carbon Fiber Epoxy structural laminates and sandwich panels.


  • ITAR and Nadcap compliant facility
  • Autoclave curing with 7 autoclaves up to 45' long x 12' dia
  • Press cure capability with 9 presses up to 720 Tons and 72" x 144"
  • Automated Tape layup and hand layup with Laser Ply Locating
  • Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) – Nadcap certified
  • Ultrasonic laminate ply trimming with qty 5, NC ply cutting tables
  • Full 5 Axis Trim capability with 6 machine centers and robotic loading. Max: X = 255",  Y = 102", Z= 51"
  • Qualification capability including Stress, Smoke/Toxicity, Environmental, Mechanical and Flammability testing per OEM and FAA requirements
  • Composite tool design and fabrication center
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