The only lavatory that lets you customize your size

The Safran Cabin SmartLav with Dynamic Modular System (DMS) technology allows you to customize the width of your lavatory in 1-inch increments to ensure the perfect fit. It also offers a full range of interchangeable furniture, allowing simple maintenance and upgrades. Select from four different sink sizes and shapes, a full range of amenities, and touchless activation for faucets, trash lids, and toilet flushing. Already in-service on Boeing B737, B757 and Airbus A320 platforms, and available to certify on widebody platforms.

Safran Cabin is also the leading designer and manufacturer of complete potable water systems and vacuum waste systems for commercial aircraft including toilets that promote cleaner lavatories. Using a full-scale Iron Bird, the team innovates complex, functional, reliable and cost effective system solutions. Water system technologies include Ultra Violet treatment for cleaner water, system pressurization and scale reduction technology. 

Additionally, Safran Cabin is one of the world's largest suppliers of OEM lavatories, supplying lavatories for the Bombardier CRJ and Q Series, Airbus A350 and A220, Boeing P-8, and Embraer E-Jets.

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