Crew rests and Stairs


20-year history of delivering innovative crew rests 

Safran Cabin is a leader in lower deck and main deck crew rests. Our top-selling Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rest for the Airbus A330 saves you space in your cabin by using a mobile, cargo-container size monument with an integrated stair, to create a sleeping quarter for up to 8 crew, in the lower deck. With over 280 units flying with 36 different operators, this proven solution is now more ergonomic than ever with upgraded soft-touch padding and better sound insulation.

In addition, Safran Cabin provides a comfortable and ergonomically designed mission seat which enables pilots and operators to work more efficiently. We provide a multi-adjusting seat with material options for maximum support and comfort.

For the Airbus A380, we offer main deck crew rests which are customized to order and currently in service. Safran Cabin is the sole-supplier of the forward and aft stairs, the world's largest cabin monument and a prime showcase for cabin engineering and ingenuity.

Another innovation is Safran Cabin's Orion™ Airstair created for the Boeing MAX aircraft. The Orion™ provides flexibility at any airport for boarding and exiting passengers without the need for ground support equipment. A quality air stair for military and commercial use. 

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