Retrofit Services

Customer satisfaction is the most crucial part of our business. Safran Cabin offers interior modification and integration, engineering, quality manufacturing and certification services for airlines. We provide the only EASA Design and Production Organization Approval (DOA & POA) delegation with an FAA ODA in the USA.

Safran Cabin also offers complete integration and retrofit services for regional aircraft, including Embraer E-Jet and E2, Bombardier CRJ-Series and Q-Series aircraft


  • Complete interior manufacturing
  • Integration of water, waste, electrical, cargo, and IFE systems
  • Three approved fire property labs
  • In-house static stress testing
  • FAA Unit members in-house for: structural, flammability, electrical, mechanical, and flight testing
  • Qualification and certification, including FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) STCs (Supplemental Type Certificate)
  • EASA Design and Production Organization Approval (DOA & POA)
  • Return to service modification facility in Santa Maria, CA
  • Modifications can also take place at any FAA Part 43 return to service approved repair station
  • All products designed to OEM standards, retrofitting older aircraft to the latest design and innovations


An example of a typical cabin reconfiguration package:


Example of cabin reconfiguration by Safran


Blue square legend

New business class seats, converting from a 2-2 seat configuration to 2-1.


Dotted orange square legend

New overhead bins, matching the 2-1 layout with an extra-large bin on the right side and a mini-bin on the left side.


Orange square legend

New forward closet and new transition panels to match.


Light blue square legend

New floorboards and ceilings to match the 2-1 layout, including relocation of seat tracks and emergency floor path markings.

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