Retrofit Services

Safran Cabin offers complete integration and retrofit services for regional aircraft, including Embraer E-Jet and E2, Bombardier CRJ-Series and Q-Series aircraft. 



  • Complete interior manufacturing
  • Integration of water and waste, electrical, cargo, and IFE system
  • Three approved fire property labs
  • In-house static stress testing
  • FAA Unit members in-house for: structural, flammability, electrical, mechanical, and flight testing
  • Qualification and certification, including FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) STCs (Supplemental Type Certificate)
  • Return to service modification facility in Santa Maria, CA
  • Modifications can also take place at any FAA Part 43 return to service approved repair station.
  • All our products are designed to OEM standards and can bring older aircraft to the latest design.


An example of a typical cabin reconfiguration package:


Example of cabin reconfiguration by Safran


Blue square legend

New business class seats, converting from a 2-2 seat configuration to 2-1.


Dotted orange square legend

New overhead bins, matching the 2-1 layout with an extra-large bin on the right side and a mini-bin on the left side.


Orange square legend

New forward closet and new transition panels to match.


Light blue square legend

New floorboards and ceilings to match the 2-1 layout, including relocation of seat tracks and emergency floor path markings.

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