Safran Cabin Innovation: Today, Tomorrow & Future

We are the Design & Innovation Studio of Safran Cabin, a purpose-built team of aerospace professionals dedicated to help provide our customers cutting edge product solutions for today, to re-imagine tomorrow, and allow us together to disrupt the future.

Our passion is not simply to create beautiful looking objects, but to create fundamentally better solutions, using a holistic, proven design methodology to balance the rational and the emotional to achieve elegant solutions that ensure robust and efficient performance from inception to retirement. To do so, Safran Cabin Innovation looks at value creation in four key areas: reduce costs, enhance user experience, maximize revenue, and embrace differentiation. Developing products that truly address these needs requires a team with the bandwidth and experience to interrogate the problem, a creative mindset to challenge the norm, and the vision to identify the critical success factors which drive the best solutions. To ensure that breadth of capability, we have two distinct, yet complementary elements: Safran Cabin Innovation Studio and Safran Cabin Innovation Research.

Value Creation

Cabin innovation focuses on creating value for our customers, from the OEMs who build the aircraft, to the airlines who operate them, and to the passengers who fly in our cabins.  Our product life cycle approach to value creation helps ensure that everybody who touches our products is considered. 

While traditional airframe systems predominantly focus on efficiency (at a highest level, reducing cost and weight), the cabin provides substantial opportunities for our customers to improve their revenues (such as by adding revenue generating seats or providing new services), to provide amazing user experiences (spacious, comfortable cabins, great features, etc.), and to create and celebrate their brand (with service, design, unique products). 

Safran Cabin Innovation Studio

The Huntington Beach, California purpose-built, 30,0000 sq ft design and innovation studio is a unique combination of industrial design, advanced concept engineering, and mockup & prototype shop. Pulling on the full spectrum of expertise available within the greater Safran ecosystem allows us to dive deep into the core of value creation throughout the product life cycle. This team specializes in near to mid-term product development, fueled by continuous customer engagement, and long range ideation, driven by our desire to disrupt and re-imagine. Both activities are supported by our integrated approach with Safran Cabin Innovation Research, and by the studio itself, a space dedicated to collaborative working which is fully equipped with 3D printing, a dedicated machine shop, 3 & 5 Axis CNCs, our virtual reality immersive experience, a Color/Material/Finish library, raw materials lab and versatile customer brainstorming spaces. 

The Mockup & Prototype Shop

Prototyping:  Design, prototype, analyze, repeat.  Rapid iteration is at the heart of our innovation process and our mockup & prototype shop enable just that.  From computer screens to prototype parts in hours and days, not weeks and months, our in-house prototyping enables us to fail early and often at low cost, while we accumulate essential learning at a rapid pace.  These prototyping capabilities also help us to advance the product maturity with early testing and validation.

Mockups:  the Shop also plays a key role in allowing us to "create" our products and cabin environments before they actually exist.  The mockups produced by the team are in integral part in the sales and marketing efforts within Cabin, while also acting as an early proving ground for product design and essential customer feedback. 


Safran Cabin Innovation Research

Safran Cabin Innovation Research is our Research and Technology team, responsible for finding, developing, and applying the latest innovations to the Cabin Products. The team is located both at the Safran Cabin Innovation Research center in Huntington Beach and at the business sites in the US and Europe. We take a long term view of innovation and technology, which includes establishing relationships with key University and supplier partners, evaluating global and industry trends, and by performing extensive research ourselves.

The team's experience and skill diversity matches the breadth of products we have to support, including chemists, materials and process engineers, designers, electrical engineers and industry experts on staff. We take our inspiration from the Safran Cabin Innovation Studio and help develop the product strategies for the Cabin business. As a fully integrated piece of our innovation process, Safran Cabin Innovation Research provides Safran Cabin Innovation Studio, Safran Cabin, and our customers with direct access to technologies specifically tailored toward Cabin products and experience.




ECOS: Efficient Cabin | Open Space

With the ECOS (Efficient Cabin | Open Space) project, we are working to ensure that our newest products and technologies all contribute to a better overall cabin environment.  Creating synergy between our wide product catalog enables Safran Cabin to offer more complete and efficient solutions to our customers.  The ECOS mockup provides a platform to develop and display all of these latest solutions in a single integrated cabin, where the whole truly is greater than the sum of the parts.  

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