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As a pioneer in catering equipment dating back to 1938, Safran Cabin remains the world's leading supplier of catering equipment that will best meet your catering needs. We are renowned for the highest quality, reliability, and capability to provide custom-made products that enable airlines and their crew to deliver the best possible catering services to passengers. Our portfolio includes trolleys, standard units, drawers, oven inserts and skids.

Our Hybrite S trolleys and containers is our baseline of products that combine light weight, high durability, and fully customizable exterior artwork. New innovations, such as the Cool Trolley, Waste Trolley, and Retail Trolley will provide solutions that will reduce current challenges and enhance your services. Explore today how our products can meet your catering needs.

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Connectivity Solutions

Safran Cabin provides smart Connectivity Solutions with touch key technology to provide access to trolleys and containers and automatically capture insightful data. Our Connectivity Solutions bring you high quality, light and long lasting security solutions to prevent losses while increasing operational efficiency of your buy on board processes.


Safran introduces SOPHY, a breakthrough solution to measure the quality of catering operations

Sophy connectivity solution

SOPHY (ancient Greek for knowledge) is an universal trolley add-on that makes it possible for airlines to measure and further enhance their catering operations throughout their entire catering process chain.

With SOPHY airlines can get access to information supporting them to take the right business decisions to further improve efficiency, reduce costs while enhancing their inflight product offering.


Operational and business information will become available on the key milestones in their catering operations including handover, cleaning, food quality, stock and maintenance.

The solution is easy to integrate in existing and new trolleys fleets, resulting in low implementation efforts


SOPHY is designed to resist demanding conditions that are inherent to daily catering operations.

All tags are watertight and temperature resistant, ensuring perfect operation in the aviation industry. SOPHY complies with worldwide regulations and certification standards.


Developed in partnership with Undagrid

The mature and tested technology is developed together with Undagrid, a specialist in Internet of Things Solutions for the aviation industry.

The company provides already autonomous dynamic asset management at more than 20 airports worldwide.



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