Electrical Inserts for Commercial Aviation
Electrical inserts

With over 150,000 Galley Inserts flying, Safran Cabin is the world renowned leading supplier for global catering requirements. Safran Cabin will continue to set the standard for advanced innovation, offering the most advanced industry leading solutions for your catering requirements of the future.

Coffee Maker

Electrical Inserts at Zodiac Aerospace Airline Symposium 2015

Designed with the cabin crew operation and safety in mind, our coffee makers will deliver the highest quality coffee flavor that passengers will truly enjoy. Its ergonomic build features polymer materials for safer handling and an intuitive easy-to-read display for an instant update of its brewing status. With multiple operating modes: brew coffee, tea, or dispense hot water, the cabin crew can quickly serve passengers upon their request. Our coffee makers are an all-purpose brewer that you have been waiting for.

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