Electrical Inserts for Business Aviation
Universal espresso machine

Elevate gourmet to new heights with our Executive Inserts.

Specially designed to create an ambiance of unprecedented luxury, Safran Cabin offers a full range of ovens, microwaves, espresso, and coffee makers on a wide variety of platforms including Cessna Citation, Bombardier Challenger and Global, Gulfstream G500/600, Embraer Phenom and Legacy, and Dassault Falcon series aircraft.

Each insert is designed and manufactured not only to provide exquisite tasting food, but also to be an object of beauty. Our dedicated engineering and manufacturing organization is focused on the unique needs and standards of business jet owners and operators, and have incorporated the latest science in food preparation to enable the perfect in-flight meal.

Atmosphere Suite of Inserts

Atmosphere Suite inserts

Lifts the culinary experience to new heights

With +30 years of experience, Safran Cabin is setting the standard for executive inserts in the industry. Its newest insert suite, Atmosphere, was developed and tailored to the most luxurious interiors. The atmosphere Line offers the latest and newest technology in Cooking Ovens, Microwave and Hot Beverage preparation to delight hundreds of new passengers.

Atmosphere combines a luxurious look, feel and finishing with amazing food cooking capabilities including brewing a wide range of espresso based beverages such as Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Flat White including over 100 varieties of Tea. Atmosphere is the industry solution to lift culinary experience to new heights.

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