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As a pioneer in catering equipment dating back to 1938, Safran Cabin remains the world's leading supplier of trolleys, carts, and standard containers for your catering needs. We are renowned for the highest quality, reliable, custom made products that enable airlines and their crew to deliver the best possible catering to passengers. The product line includes trolleys, standard units, drawers, oven inserts and skids.

Our current line of Hybrite S trolleys and containers combine light weight, high durability, and fully customizable exterior art work. New innovations such as the CoolTrolley enable you to keep your food and drinks cool without needing a galley chiller, while the Smart Lock Trolley adds additional security for your inventory. Explore today how our products can meet your catering needs.

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Lightweight Trolleys and Containers

The lightweight service trolleys of Safran Cabin are the industry's standard. The benefits of the lightweight inflight trolleys include: durable design, multiple configurations, creative solutions, low maintenance cost and the possibility to get a fully customized design.

Also available as a waste trolley in Atlas and KSSU, with front or top loading, or both, and as a folding trolley.

Standard containers are also available in Atlas and KSSU, and feature anodized aluminum sheets framed by aluminum extrusions for high durability.

Light weight trolley


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