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As a pioneer in catering equipment dating back to 1938, Safran Cabin remains the world's leading supplier of catering equipment that will best meet your catering needs. We are renowned for the highest quality, reliability, and capability to provide custom-made products that enable airlines and their crew to deliver the best possible catering services to passengers. Our portfolio includes trolleys, standard units, drawers, oven inserts and skids.

Our Hybrite S trolleys and containers is our baseline of products that combine light weight, high durability, and fully customizable exterior artwork. New innovations, such as the Cool Trolley, Waste Trolley, and Retail Trolley will provide solutions that will reduce current challenges and enhance your services. Explore today how our products can meet your catering needs.

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Drawers and Oven Inserts

Safran Cabin offers aluminum and stainless steel oven inserts and drawers in Atlas and KSSU design

Oven Insert and Skid

Standard, the oven inserts are constructed of anodized aluminum. A logo can be embossed on the oven insert's top surface. The rear panel cut-out accommodates the oven Fan and houses the oven's temperature sensor. Eight oven skids fit in the oven insert, providing room for 32 standard-size meals or 48 meals in the extended oven insert. These can be paired with optional deep drawn oven skids for a seamless glide.


Drawers are available in KSSU or Atlas at various heights in 30mm intervals, in both aluminum and polypropylene construction. A variety of colors and embossed logos are also available.



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