Galley Equipment

A Complete Suite of Galley Electrical Inserts

Headlined by our newest evolution in inserts, the NUVO series bring forth the latest and most technologically advanced features to an aircraft galley; while, maintaining robustness, efficiency, and ease-of-use that airline expect from a Safran electrical insert. The NUVO series is joined by our proven and popular CONCERT Series inserts, as well as offerings for trash compacting, refrigeration, and air chilling.

The worldwide leader in Trolleys and Containers

Safran Cabin is the #1 supplier of trolleys and containers for galleys, offering an unbeatable combination of light weight and robustness, including our latest offer, the HybriteS. We also continue to support your existing fleet with the reliable and robust Hybrite1 and Lightweight trolley series.

Galley Waste Disposal Systems

Safran Cabin uses a proven vacuum system flush technology that prevents galley sink clogs and fuselage staining. Gemini™ products increase proper waste disposal reducing maintenance and unsanitary conditions for crew. The products accommodate high drain flow and include an elimination feature to prevent freezing or bacterial growth.

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