Passenger Service Units

Zodiac Oem Cabin Interiors, Huntington Beach (Bolsa)

Enter the future with the PaxPod PSU, which re-imagines the PSU into a beautiful, modern luminaire that will change the look and feel of your cabin. With fully integrated air gasper, LED reading light and halo light, flight attendant call button, and oxygen system, this stylish product makes a clean break with the past. By centralizing the ambient light around the passenger, a more welcoming environment is created, and it eliminates the need for lighting along the sidewall.

For a more traditional look, Safran Cabin also makes a full range of flat-panel PSUs, including supplying the OEM solution for the Embraer E2, Bombardier CRJ, Airbus A380 and A220. Whether as a retrofit or to supply a new aircraft, Safran Cabin's engineers have found ways to miniaturize and package the PSU components, resulting in more headroom and less weight.  

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