Closets, partitions, dividers

Need a partition on short notice? Safran Cabin offers a specially designed set of partitions, ready to configure on very short lead times, specifically designed for leasing companies that need a quick reconfiguration of an aircraft. Called SPOTS – standard partition off-the-shelf, this product is available in a variety of decors, both with and without direct-view cutouts, for both the Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 aircraft.

We also offer a full range of moveable class dividers, bulkheads, and closets of all shapes and sizes to suit your every need. You can customize our closet widths in one-inch increments to maximize your storage space and seat pitch, and we are the OEM supplier for closets on multiple aircraft platforms including the Airbus A320, A220, the Embraer E-Jet, the Bombardier CRJ Series and Q Series aircraft.

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