High Capacity Bins to suit your Passenger Needs

Utilizing the patented ECOS Bin technology, Safran Cabin achieves the best balance of high capacity, low weight, and easy operation. Available in fixed-shelf and pivoting variants, there are high-capacity bins available for retrofit on B767, B757, B737, A320, E-Jet and CRJ series aircraft. Increase your customer satisfaction and never gate-check a bag with ECOS.


Advanced PSUs, Liners, Dividers, and Bulkheads

Safran Cabin also offers a complete portfolio of PSUs, liners, dividers, closets, and bulkheads, including the stylish POD PSU and bulletproof cockpit doors. Safran Cabin has the advantage of designing, qualifying, and manufacturing its own composite prepreg, core, and flat panels, to ensure exactly the right balance of strength and weight for your specific application. Safran Cabin also has in-house press and assembly capability, to secure industrial capacity and reduce your risk.

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