USA - WA Marysville – State Ave

Marysville, WA is the home of our Advanced Composites activities. We are located just north of Seattle and minutes from multiple Boeing facilities. Established in 1987, we have been on almost all of the Boeing Airframes since our beginning. We specialize in primary & secondary composite structure fabrications & assemblies. In addition, we perform compression molding, composite machining, tool design & fabrication. 
The site includes program management, engineering services, manufactured product and certification services for its OEM, Tier 1/2 customer's aircraft production. 
Key facts
  • Address: 12810 State Ave., Maryville, WA 98271
  • 235,000 sq ft
Activities / Processes
  • Design, Development, Manufacturing, Inspection and Testing of parts made from carbon fiber & epoxy prepreg using fabric, tapes and braids
  • Autoclave, Out of Autoclave & Press cure of thermoset composite parts
  • Automated Tape Layup, hand layup and resin Infusion 
  • Automated Non-Destructive and Visual inspection
  • Certified Lab Testing – Flammability, Stress and Material Properties
  • AS9100 Rev D: Parts manufacturing approval and quality assurance management
  • Nadcap approved for composites & non-destructive inspection

​​Products and Customers

  • 787 Structurers, Ceilings & Sidewalls, 737 Hubcaps, 777 Door liners, A320 Engine Cascades, KC-767 Tanker interior, V22 Ramp & Door
  • Boeing, UTC Aerospace Systems, Spirit Aerosystems
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